Pales, palisades

Acacia pales and palisades because of their natural look and long lifetime are used to various fences of large areas, but also to demarcation of smaller areas near to family houses. The company delivers pales and palisades of acacia wood according to customer´s requirements. They can be ground, unground, cleaved, pointed. Acaia pales and palisades are delivered without surface finish. 



Acacia wood because of its characters has been used everywhere where the natural conditions were not suitable and where the wood was in contact with water. Acacia wood has been used as pales in vineyards, varios pillars, fences, mining struts, water constructions (piers, seawalls, pontoons etc.)


In the recent time edged palisades are used mostly by garden architectures to locate various areas mostly in sloping areas. Acacia pales and palisades are delivered in the sizes and surface finish according to requirements of customer.


Výrobky z agátového drevaVýrobky z agátového dreva